Martinsville Sheriff's Office's budget could take a hit if open positions aren't filled

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MARTINSVILLE (WSLS10) - The Martinsville City Sheriff's Office is working to fill three to four positions.

If the jail worker positions aren't filled soon, the sheriff's office may have to start sending some of its inmates to other jails because there won't be enough deputies on staff to handle all of the inmates.

The city would have to pay those other jails for every day that the inmates are housed there.

"Paying them per day to hold inmates for us would be very detrimental to our budget here," said Sheriff Steve Draper. "It could be very catastrophic."

Draper said he encourages anyone to apply who thinks they meet the requirements, but he would like to have more Hispanic deputies.

"I would love to have Hispanics because of the Spanish speaking," he explained.

Draper said he is confident that the positions will be filled before the sheriff's office has to start outsourcing inmates. You can apply for the positions here.

The Henry County Sheriff's Office also has an opening for a deputy. You can apply for the position here.

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