Family and Friends come together to honor the missing in Franklin County

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FRANKLIN COUNTY (WSLS10) - Saturday marked 4 years since Heather Hodges went missing in Franklin County. Hodges was 22 years old when she vanished without a trace and left behind a daughter as well as many unanswered questions.

On Saturday, loved ones unveiled a site for Heather and other missing people from Franklin County.

Friends wanted to build a site for Heather on county land but learned of a policy that prohibits memorials built for those who have felonies, so they were declined to after asking the Franklin County Board of Supervisors to make an exception for Heather who had a felony.

Their luck changed a year ago, when friends got in touch with the homeowner who gave them the green light to build the memorial for Heather on his land.

At the unveiling of the site Saturday afternoon, friends lead a prayer and and welcomed a small tranquil area with a bench along Blackwater Creek in Franklin County near Rocky Mount.

"This site is absolutely beautiful," Paula Hodges, Heather's mom said.

Paula said this is spot where she feels close to her daughter.

"I think it's a wonderful day I think it's a sad day it's an honorable day," Paula said.

It was a day to not only recognize Heather, but also Christopher Douthat who went missing in October 2013.

His mom, Mary attended the event.

"Franklin County needs this for their missing it's a peaceful place now where Heather's and Chris' families and friends can come," Mary said.

The homeowner of the property  who dedicated it for the missing in Franklin County said he's glad to be able to help.

"I just feel like there were maybe in need, it's been four years, and they haven't had no where permanent, I'm glad to let em use it," James Arrington, the property owner said.