VA medical records once again sent to wrong veteran

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WEST POINT, Va. (WAVY) — A veteran says the Hampton VA Medical Center sent him the medical records of three other patients by mistake.

Chris Stamper, of West Point, Va., received the results of blood work last week. When he opened up the envelope on Tuesday, he found his results, along with the private medical records for three other patients.

The documents included full names, social security numbers, birthdays, addresses and medical evaluations.

In one case, Stamper said he received a patient's suicide screening, and in another case the records indicated a patient was being treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

"These documents should have never been in my hands at all," said Stamper.

Where the mix-up happened, the Hampton VAMC isn't clear yet. Stamper said he found two of the veterans had the same doctor as him. All of them use "Prime 2" at the VAMC, which Stamper says is a check-in desk.

"I personally think they need to re-vamp the whole system," said Stamper.

Stamper said he has witnessed careless handling of patients' records while he's been at the medical center.

Public Affairs Director Daniel Henry said Tuesday the VAMC is now investigating the case. Henry said it is never acceptable for the VA to compromise another veteran's personal information. They are working to figure out where the break down happened so the process can be changed.

Henry said privacy officers will now reach out to all veterans involved in Stamper's case.

"Something needs to be done about it," Stamper said. "You know, a lot of veterans have a lot to lose."

Stamper has made attempts to contact everyone whose information he received, including having one of the veterans stop by his house Tuesday to pick up his records. He will now mail all documents back to the VA.