Fire chief concerned about road in Montgomery County

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY (WSLS10) A fire chief in the New River Valley is voicing his concerns about a heavily traveled road he considers unsafe.

Elliston Volunteer Fire Department Chief Clyde Hodges said the road near Ironto is partly caved in because of a damaged drainage pipe.

Hodges said he called VDOT, but nothing has been done to fix North Fork Road.  He says he is concerned because there are parts along the road that are caved in.

Hodges said the road is too narrow, especially if there is a cone there.

"My fire engines or one of my other emergency vehicles is going to end up in one of those holes and wreck and somebody is going to get hurt," Chief Hodges said.

Other drivers agree there are issues along North Fork Road.

"You got to get over across the yellow line to pass somebody right there where them cones are," Howard Womack said.

In response, V-DOT released the following statement: "Potholes were patched on North Fork road in early March. V-DOT does have additional pothole patching scheduled on North Fork Road in the next few days or early next week. When repairs were last made in early March, there was a damaged pipe on this roadway that was not in need of immediate repair. Additional rainfall further damaged the pipe in late March causing it to collapse. V-DOT will make some additional repairs to the pipe location and is working to schedule a replacement for the pipe later this Spring or early Summer."