Pulaski County seeks more foster families

PULASKI (WSLS 10) - Pulaski County is looking for more people to step up and get certified as foster parents.

There are currently 10 foster families in the Pulaski County Department of Social Services program; however, they range all the way from Bland County to Roanoke.

Social workers said they are pushing to place kids as close to home as possible. That way, they can stay in their school and have familiar surroundings during their transitions.

"If they're not placed close to home, they're losing their school, their friends, their comfort zone, their social network," said social services worker Jenny Baker. "All of that is gone in one fell swoop, and it makes it that much harder."

Often, kids have to be placed two hours or more away from their homes because no qualified families from their hometowns can take them.