Appalachian Regional Commission gets $3.3 million in grants

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GALAX (WSLS 10) - Governor Terry McAuliffe announced about $3.36 million in grant money for economic development projects in southwest Virginia.

The money will fund 13 projects led by the Appalachian Regional Commission, which serves 25 counties and eight cities.

McAuliffe spent most of his time at the Crossroads Institute in Galax Monday talking about the $300,000 that will be given to the Wired Road Authority. This is a partnership between Grayson and Carroll counties, as well as the city of Galax, to bring reliable internet access to businesses and individuals in those areas.

"If you don't have access to the web, you're not going to have a business," said Governor McAuliffe. "So it is critical for every community to have access to broadband so you can access the worldwide web. Otherwise, you can't grow an economy."

Montgomery County will be receiving some of this grant money for things like the Crooked Road and local food and farming endeavors.