Religious leaders call Gov. McAuliffe's amendment on the death penalty "dangerous and immoral"

RICHMOND (WSLS 10) -  Religious leaders say Governor Terry McAuliffe's efforts to compromise with the general assembly don't go far enough when it comes to the death penalty.

Dozens of faith leaders gathered in Richmond Monday to protest the governor's amendment.  They call it dangerous and immoral.

The General Assembly looked to force inmates to die by the electric chair due to a shortage in execution drugs.

The governor changed the measure to protect the identities of pharmaceutical companies that make the drugs.

"I put down what I thought was a very simple, common sense way to get around this." said Governor McAuliffe. "Send it down to the legislature, give these companies the protection. They will then let us do the cocktails, the lethal compound and cocktails here. Then we can continue to do it. Without it, I will veto the bill, and capital punishment will end in Virginia.">

Lawmakers are scheduled to review Governor McAuliffe's amendment Wednesday.