Salem middle school investigating an incident

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SALEM (WSLS 10) - Andrew Lewis Middle School is investigating an incident. The school's principal, Dr. Forest Jones, said there is no concerns for the safety of the students. No further details have been released.

Below is the note the school issued to parents:

As outlined in the school division's "Communication Practices and Procedures," we place great emphasis on safeguarding the confidentiality of our students and families and do not use mass notifications systems in response to rumors.  Currently, however,  rumors are being disseminated that significantly magnify actual events, so I am writing to provide additional information.

Middle-school-age students occasionally make poor choices.  When their poor choices result in injury to a peer (no matter the severity) an investigation is promptly initiated and appropriate actions are taken.  We are wrapping up an investigation and have already communicated directly with the families of involved students.  In accordance with standard procedures, we report student misconduct of this type to the Salem Police Department.

These events have been dealt with in accordance with policies and procedures outlined in the student conduct code. Rest assured that student safety is our highest priority and that behavior will continue to be monitored.  Please use this opportunity to have a conversation with your child reminding them that they are often our best source of information and encourage them to report anything that they feel is a safety concern (If you see something, say something).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.