Historic Bedford home burns down without insurance

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BEDFORD COUNTY (WSLS 10) - A family in Bedford County is working to put together their lives after losing a historic home to a fire.

Today, the building, first built in 1829, stands in ruins.

Judson Tumas, son of owner Don Tumas, says the family's reaction is unanimous.

"Just kind of stunned. It's hard to look at and see everything, kind of your memories there that are sort of gone," said Tumas.

The fire began at 10 o'clock Wednesday night.

Crews arrived at the scene 11 minutes after they got the call, but say the fire quickly became too much to manage without a consistent water source nearby.

The Bedford Fire Chief says he finally told his men to stop fighting the fire for their safety.

The house didn't have insurance.

"It's a total loss, yes sir. I mean I haven't done a lot of digging through stuff, but from what I can see it's, there's not a whole lot in there that could be saved," said Tumas.

Don Tumas and his wife are now staying at their daughter's home in Bedford.

The family has started a fund raising account to raise some money to cover their costs.