North Cross student gives half of money from fundraiser for his injuries to victims of fire

ROANOKE COUNTY (WSLS 10) - A boy who suffered a serious leg injury playing football is receiving support on his medical bills from the community, but he is donating half of those proceeds to a cause he feels is even greater.

Eli swain goes to North Cross in Roanoke, where just a month ago Tom and Lindsay McKinnon lost their two sons, Patrick and Logan in a deadly house fire.

The two boys also attended North Cross.

Swain's mother Casaundra hosted a "paint night" at North Cross to fund raise.

Eli says while his injuries are severe, he knows it doesn't compare to the pain of losing a loved one.

His mother says she's proud of his selflessness.

"I was just one night working on the flyer, just getting the guy who does our fliers and we were talking and my son came in and was like ma, you've done so much as far as fundraisers for us, can we please donate half of the money to the McKinnons, and when he said that tears came out of my eyes," said Casaundra Swain.

"I just realized I know how I felt when I first got hurt, and how I felt alone, and I didn't die, luckily, and just to see that they had a death in their family, I know they're very deeply impacted. So having, I want them to know that I'm here for them, everyone's here for them," said Eli Swain.

Eli's portion of the proceeds will help cover costs for his seventh and final surgery to get a plate removed from his leg.

The Swains say the North Cross community was there for Eli, and they want to make sure that tradition of looking out for others continues on.