Veterans helping other veterans renovate their home

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ROANOKE (WSLS10) - Renovation Alliance helps upgrade homes across the Roanoke Valley and by doing so volunteers save homeowners money. On Saturday, the organization provided help to someone who served our country.

Over a dozen people helped Army veteran James Hampton fix up his Roanoke home. They've been putting manual labor like replacing floor boards on the porch to make sure his home is renovated.

Veterans from nearly branches of the military are working hard James and Joanne Hampton's home.

They have lived there for about 3 years and are ecstatic to see so many veterans willing to pitch in to help spruce up the home.

"We're thankful for everyone who has been able to help us out," James Hampton said.

The cost to add floor boards to the porch, add french doors, fix some electrical wiring, and put in joist hangers to support the floors in the kitchen would have cost about $3,000.

"It was supposed to have been fixed by the previous homeowner and the contractor they hired didn't do what they were supposed to, so having someone being able to help us out like this we're so thankful," James Hampton said.

Renovation Alliance has about 500 volunteers helping with 17 homes in the Roanoke Valley.

At the Hampton's home  volunteers in  several organizations like Southwest Virginia Military Office Association helped.

They said about $43,000 in materials were donated to fix all 17 homes, and in total it would have cost overall $200,000 to fix all the homes in the Roanoke Valley, but the veterans are glad to help one of their own.

"We're helping out, like in the marine corps we say a sergeant is worth his weight in gold, staff sergeant is priceless, so we want to help out each other, and that's what we're here for in the Roanoke Valley,"