After 10 weeks of training, police dogs get ready to wear the badge

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ROANOKE CO. (WSLS 10) - Three police canines will graduate from certification training Saturday.

The "Throw Away Dogs Project" donated two dogs to the Roanoke County Police Department. Another dog will work with the Roanoke PD.

The canines are now ready for narcotic and patrol work after a 10 week course.

"It's probably harder to teach the handlers than the dogs because most of the time they pick it up real quick, especially the narcotics stuff," said Bill Tars, a canine officer with Roanoke County Police.  "I mean, they learn that fairly quickly. So, it's kind of just moving the drugs around, putting it in different locations and spaces from them to get better at it."

The graduation ceremony is set for Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Police Academy.