"Smart Beginnings" to begin new program in Martinsville and Henry County

MARTINSVILLE (WSLS10) - A new program aims to help families in Martinsville and Henry County have a better quality of life.

It's called Promising Neighborhoods and is part of the Smart Beginnings organization, which helps schools come up with ways to help students learn better.

Through this new program, Smart Beginnings will work in community housing projects with the kids and their parents.

The goal is to help create a more stable household environment for both the parents and the kids.

"Providing opportunities for developmental screenings, educational opportunities, quality early childhood care programs and really helping families reach their goals," said Smart Beginnings Director Melanie McLarty, explaining what exactly the program will do.

The program is expected to start June 30 and will work with families in the Maplewoods housing community in Martinsville and a housing community in Henry County, but it hasn't yet been decided which one.

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