George Takei talks about Roanoke and Mayor Bowers' comments

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - George Takei is speaking at the Jefferson Center Wednesday night after Mayor David Bowers made comments about Japanese American internment camps last year.

Bowers called for the ban of Syrian refugees and compared the decision to President Roosevelt's actions against Japanese Americans during World War II.

During their first in-person exchange, Mayor Bowers told Takei he's sorry.

"I was certainly hurt and very sorry, but more importantly to the extent that it impacted the fine reputation of our great city," said Bowers.

We sat down with Takei before he spoke at the Jefferson Center about his experience as a child in the internment camps.

Takei said the issue is lack of education.

"[Bowers] is very gracious and I accept his apology," said Takei. "I think the fault lies more with our educational system. We aren't really educated on those darker chapters of American history."

We also talked to him about Roanoke. This is Takei's second visit to the Star City, but this time he's learned a lot about people here especially Southern hospitality.