New Ridgeway clinic specializes in serving patients with restricted incomes

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RIDGEWAY (WSLS10) - A new clinic is opening in the Ridgeway area due to a nearly one-million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The new clinic will cater to people living on a tight budget.

"A lot of our patients have to decide ‘am I going to buy my medicine this month or pay my light bill?'" said Mandy Brannock, the operations director for the Martinsville Henry County Coalition of Health and Wellness.

To better serve people living on restricted incomes, a $950,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is helping the MHC Coalition for Health and Wellness build a new clinic in Ridgeway.

"Ridgeway is just like any other area in Henry County where there is a lot of need," said Brannock, "and, we're hoping to meet that need by opening a new facility."

Brannock said there are many people in the county who live in poverty. Currently, the only facility that offers health services on a sliding scale is in Bassett. Administrators there said space is becoming "cramped".

"Here we have around 4,000 patients per year," said Marketing Director for Bassett Family Services Brittany Anthony. "So, to alleviate some of that and the growing...having a clinic on that side of town would help."

A for lease sign marks the proposed clinic site which is located in the Sheffield Square Plaza along Route 220.

In 18-months, the MHC Coalition said it hopes to renovate empty space in the strip mall. The grant money will pay for the facility's upgrade and new equipment.

The proposed health center will be within reach of those living in southern Henry County.