Take a ride on Blue Angel Fat Albert

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CAMPBELL COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Blue Angel C-130 Fat Albert gave passengers a sneak peak from the skies of Lynchburg's upcoming air show.

Fat Albert, or "Bert" as the crew calls it, is a logistical plane for the Blue Angel jets. It carries equipment and handles maintenance duties. It is used to transport troops and supplies during combat missions.

Bert can climb at a 45-degree angle and fly about 350 mph.

During the air show routine, passengers and crew experience both positive and negative Gs, leaving them weightless during several parts of the demonstration.

"The demonstration is about eight minutes, and it's kind of what we do," said Fat Albert pilot Maj. Mark Montgomery.  "It's what the fleet does. It demonstrates the tactical abilities of the C-130s.

Fat Albert is manned by an all Marine Corps crew.