Lynchburg considers converting from one-way to two-way traffic

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - The City of Lynchburg wants to make changes to traffic patterns in some of the busiest parts of downtown. Local leaders said they are considering converting sections of Main Street and Church Street from one to two-way traffic.

Driving through downtown Lynchburg can be a headache for some people.

"It's a pain in the butt," said Keane Rioseco, who lives in Lynchburg. "Everyone gets turned around."

City Manager Kimball Payne said the proposed move could boost business downtown, make the Hill City more pedestrian friendly, and reduce speeding.

"We have people going 30-40 miles per hour to try to catch the greens all the way through," said Payne. "They are not seeing what is going on, on each side. They can't see a business for example."

City leaders said they goal is to make downtown more vibrant and hopefully fill empty storefronts with new business. Before moving forward with the proposed conversion, Payne said the city plans to examine ways to create more loading zones, switch the signage from one to two-way traffic and possibly replace traffic lights with four way stops.

The owners of 'Market on Main' have concerns about the proposed changes. Currently, delivery drivers pull over to the side of the one-way street. Business owners said switching the flow of traffic could make it difficult to load and unload.

"Almost all of our deliveries come in front and all of them now stop in the middle of the road and it doesn't impede traffic flow at all," said Rodney Taylor, the owner of 'Market on Main.'