Virginia veterans find jobs thanks to Walmart's 'Welcome Home Commitment'

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NORFOLK (WSLS 10) - Over the last three years, Walmart says it has hired more than 4,000 veterans in Virginia.

More than 400 of those veterans have been promoted to higher paying jobs.

The hires are part of Walmart's Veterans Welcome Home Commitment, which guarantees a job offer to any eligible, honorably discharged U.S. veteran who was within 12 months of active duty.

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Walmart Marks Anniversary of Veterans Welcome Home Commitment with Announcement of Over 4,000 Veteran Hires in Virginia Company has hired 130,828 veterans nationwide since commitment began in May of 2013

NORFOLK, VA, May 24, 2016 – Today, Walmart announced it has hired 130,828 veterans since it announced its Veterans Welcome Home Commitment in May 2013*, including over 4,000 in the State of Virginia. Of those 130,828 veteran hires, 15,176 have been promoted to jobs with higher pay and greater responsibility, including over 400 in Virginia.

"I am proud to be among the thousands of veterans that work at Walmart," said Army veteran Courtney Linville, Support Manager #3265 in Yorktown, VA. "Walmart has consistently invested in veterans by providing jobs and the opportunity to achieve long-term success within the company. I am grateful to work for such a great company and have been moved by everything Walmart does for the community and veterans."

On Memorial Day 2013, Walmart introduced the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment, which guaranteed a job offer to any eligible, honorably discharged U.S. veteran who was within 12 months of active duty. The initial goal was to hire 100,000 veterans by the end of 2018. In May of 2015, Walmart announced the expansion of that original projection, with the goal of hiring 250,000 veterans by the end of 2020. Walmart has also changed the eligibility from within 12 months of active duty, to any veteran who has been honorably discharged since the announcement of the commitment in May 2013.

Despite unemployment among veterans being at its lowest in eight years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, veterans from the Gulf War era continue to be under- or unemployed.

"As a veteran, I know how critical it is for our men and women in uniform to have a strong support structure when transitioning back to civilian life," said Retired Brigadier General, Gary Profit, senior director of military programs for Walmart. "A job is an important part of that transition, and at Walmart, we're proud to use our strengths as one of the nation's largest employers to be a part of that bridge back home by providing meaningful opportunities to over 4,000 veterans, and counting, in Virginia to use their unique talent and skills. Veterans are among some of our strongest associates and we are pleased to see the growth and success they have achieved at Walmart."