Christiansburg teen speaks out following disappearance that led to nationwide manhunt

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CHRISTIANSBURG (WSLS 10) -- Three teen girls, reported missing in our area in the last month. Their faces shared on television and social media, their faces shared to help get them home and they did.

At least two were with older men, later charged in their disappearance, but the question rarely answered after their safe return, why did they go?

Aysia Lewis, now 18, survived a similar story and decided to talk about it.

"Just seeing some of the things people say or have said surrounding teenagers going missing. girls I particular. I just feel people are blind or choose to be blind really to what leads people to chose to run away" Aysia said.

With her mother's support, she wants to help other teens, especially girls, who may look to leave with someone they've met, many times online.

The bright, honor roll teen disappeared last year. It led to a three day nationwide search. At the time, she was seen leaving Christiansburg High School willingly with an older man.

"I didn't leave because I have bad parents. I think that really I left because I have good parents... You know they say you never really realize what you have until it's gone."

She says social media isn't the problem, instead she says it was her perception that she couldn't talk to her family that led her to talk to someone else.

"It's manipulation. It sounds good it sounds sweet it sounds like you know like everything you want to hear. It sounds like they're going to take all your problems away basically but I saw and I'm sure these girls see it leads to Amber alerts nationwide manhunt. It doesn't lead to anything good."

Aysia is now encouraging teens to talk to their parents, a teacher, or a school resource officer.

"If you have a kid who's preparing for college graduation or even just going to middle school. Just sit down and talk to them see how they're feeling about it."

Aysia is doing well. She was accepted to Radford University and is communicating more than ever with her parents.