Mount Tabor Road poses threat, drivers say

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY (WSLS 10) - People who live on Mount Tabor Road in Montgomery County are taking action after what they say has been one too many accidents.

The road has a hairpin turn that has been the site of numerous tractor-trailer crashes. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office has responded to 35 crashes on the road in the past five years. However, not all of those involved tractor-trailers.

Although there are signs warning drivers that the road is not recommended for large trucks, they are still allowed to use the road.

Neighbors are asking VDOT to prohibit tractor-trailers altogether.

When there are accidents, drivers must take a detour that takes them down unpaved and one-lane roads. This adds about 30 to 45 minutes to the drive. They are worried that one day, first responders will not be able to get through to an emergency.

"On May 12th coming home from a meeting, again there was another tractor-trailer that didn't make it around the curve," said Mount Tabor Road resident Mode Johnson. "How many times does this have to happen before we can prevent it from happening?"

VDOT requires that the board of supervisors support the action, among other criteria, before it will restrict traffic to a certain road. The board agreed at its Monday meeting to take a closer look at the issue.