Congressman Hurt weighs in on Trump's delegate count

ALTAVISTA (WSLS 10) - U.S. Congressman Robert Hurt is sharing his thoughts on Donald Trump now having enough delegates to be the Republican presidential nominee.

Hurt represents Virginia's 5th district, which includes Southside.

He said that while the country needs a new president, he still has some questions about Trump. Though, he said he looks forward to working with whomever wins the nomination.

Hurt saidshe wants to see Trump start taking advice from more experienced political figures in order to start preparing a platform for the general election in November.

"What my hope and prayer is, is that he's smart enough, and I think he probably is," Hurt explained, "to listen to people that know a lot more about these issues than he does."

The Republican nominee will be chosen at the party's convention in Cleveland, Ohio which kicks off July 18.