Soft opening for Fallon Park Pool Wednesday, Washing Park Pool to follow

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Roanoke City pools will soon open for the summer.

The city pool director said on average, the Roanoke Parks and Recreation Department spends $90,000 on maintenance. Upkeep includes power washing pool floors, filling up the pools and adding chemicals.

The parks and rec department just patched a major crack in the Fallon Park Pool that caused the pool to lose water every day last summer.

But, before opening day both pools need to pass the Virginia Health Department permit.

"We have an inspector and she comes in and around in the pump room, checks the filters are working correctly and make sure the chemicals in the water are safe and at the right levels for people to swim in," said Pools Director Cindy Mcfall. "She checks the ladders, the diving boards and everything where people might be to make sure it's safe for people to enjoy it."

The pool director told us last year 16,000 people used the pools. She's preparing for just as many people this year since several new water programs have been added.

A soft opening is set for tomorrow at Fallon Park Pool ahead of the official opening this weekend.

Washington Park Pool will open June 6th.