Virginia Tech researchers tell Hollywood to let them do their work

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BLACKSBURG (WSLS 10) - Virginia Tech researchers were back in Flint, Michigan on Tuesday to dispel what they said are false claims about the water.

Professor Marc Edwards called out actor Mark Ruffalo and his organization Water Defense both on a blog and at a news conference in Flint Tuesday.

Water Defense scientists said they have found high levels of toxic chemicals in Flint bathtubs and showers. Edwards said those scientists are not using proper testing methods, and that his team has found no such problem.

Edwards believes it is safe for Flint residents to shower.

"I just made available to you the very best people in the United States to look at this, and five groups of people who know what they're doing found no problem," said Edwards.

Lead levels remain high, and filters are still recommended for drinking and cooking.

Edwards is hopeful that will change in the next six months.