New Henry Co. program helping feed dozens of children this summer

HENRY COUNTY (WSLS10) - Dozens of roasted chickens, cups of frozen peaches and tossed salads were packed up early Thursday morning to be delivered to 13 mobile home parks across the county.

"This year, we're taking the meals to them and we're serving the meals out in the open on a folding table," explained Henry County Public Schools Nutrition Director Marci Lexa.

The school system provides free meals at various public locations across the county for students during the summer, but a couple of years ago the school system began noticing that many students living in the mobile home parks weren't able to get to those locations.

"We do have parks where we have 45 to 50 and we do have one mobile home site that has 92 and we've set up two sites," continued Lexa.

The meals are only delivered to mobile home parks where there are at least 15 children who need the meals. They are delivered Monday through Thursday and the school system is reimbursed from the United States Department of Agriculture for every meal that they serve.

Yonnie Hairston, one of the school nutrition workers who has volunteered to deliver the meals, delivered them to Eastwood Mobile Home Park on Thursday.

"I love it. I love the children that actually come to this site," said Hairston.

She said parents are very grateful for the service and the children in the park were eager to spread the word when they found out that the meals were being served.

"I like it. It's helping us out a whole lot," said Derand McLaung, who brought his three children to get meals Thursday.

Jose Herrera said he quickly informed his family about the program when he found out.

"I just told my parents and I was happy," Herrera recalled.

The program will continue until July 28, but Lexa said it is too early to know yet if the program will be back next summer.

Parents can also get a meal for themselves to eat with their children for $2.

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