McCracken resigns Roanoke Co. School Board seat

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ROANOKE CO. (WSLS 10) During Thursday's Roanoke County School Board meeting, Catawba District member Thomas McCracken announced he was resigning his seat, effective immediately, citing personal reasons.

McCracken was elected to the Roanoke County School Board in November 2015.

"We are sad at Mr. McCracken's departure," said Mike Wray, Chairman of the Roanoke County School Board. "We thank him for his service and wish him all the best," Chairman Wray added.

McCracken is calling this quote "devastating".

In a text message Thursday night, he says "The board would not approve my wife's promotion unless I resigned."

McCracken's wife, Laurie, was promoted from being a Special Education Coordinator to acting Assistant Principal at Northside High School Thursday night.

McCracken says, while not against the rules, the board would not have voted for his wife to be promoted while he remained a member.

Now, McCracken says "We need time to process all of this. Our lives have been dramatically affected and we need a few days to pray and process the events that unfolded tonight."

Meanwhile, Wray weighed in on the decision Thursday night by phone.

He says he respects McCracken's decision to step down to further his wife's career.

He says the board did not want to create a conflict of interest with one member having a spouse in administration.

"Currently there is no policy that states that you're not able to. I guess perception-wise is probably the main thing right now," said Wray.

Wray says the board is discussing establishing a policy to make a rule that board members cannot have spouses that work in administration, so that there wouldn't be a perception of conflict of interest in the future.

The school board is now working with legal counsel to determine the procedure for filling the now vacant Catawba District seat.