2nd annual "Field of Honor" set up in Danville

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DANVILLE (WSLS10) - Danville's Rotary Club is creating a "Field of Honor" for the 2nd year in a row.

Companies in Danville sponsor American flags for every first responder in the city.

The flags cost $40 each.

You can also pay the $40 and have a flag put up to honor someone who is not a first responder.

They're put up ahead of flag, which is June 14th, and will remain up until July 4th.

1,000 flags are available, but more will be ordered if needed.

"Last year being the first one, where we installed 500 flags, ended up being a huge success so we ended up doubling it this year," explained Matt Wyatt, president of the rotary club.

You can buy a flag at Commonwealth Healthcare or Edward Jones in Danville.

The rotary club will use the money for college scholarships or to help out various organizations throughout the city.

Flags that are sponsored will be picked up by the rotary club after the 4th and will be kept for next year. If you purchase a flag yourself, you can collect the flag after the 4th and save it to be put back up next year.

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