Congressman Goodlatte discusses fight against terrorism following Orlando mass shooting

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - The mass shooting in Orlando which left at least 49 victims dead and 53 others injured renewed debates over gun control and the terrorism. Federal agents said the shooter was armed with an assault rifle and a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol. Politicians from both sides are talking about ways to prevent future attacks.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte said that right now, the focus is on the victims and their families. He is the chair of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee which has jurisdiction over the FBI and terrorism investigations in the United States. He said the FBI investigated the gunman, Omar Mateen twice in the past.

Following Sunday's deadly attack at a gay club in Orlando, Goodlatte said it's important for the FBI and the administration to do more to prevent mass shootings. He also said it's important to protect American's second amendment rights. Goodlatte didn't throw support behind future changes other than saying he wants to improve background checks. Once more information about the case is released, he said he wants the U.S. to consider improvements to the FBI investigation and interrogation methods in the fight against terrorism.

"Making sure that we are carrying the fight to people outside the United States and making sure that people who have these ill intentions don't get into the United States," said Goodlatte. "But as in this case where the individual is a citizen, we got to review our policy regarding what type of investigations are done internally."

Goodlatte said the internet has played a significant role in attracting U.S. citizens to terrorists groups like ISIS. He said it's important to make sure law enforcement and intelligence organizations have the resources needed to take on terrorist.

In addition, Goodlatte said it's important that our country stands for peace, but also show we will not tolerate attacks.