Voters head to the polls for the 6th District Congressional Primary

ROANOKE (WSLS10) - Roanoke voters headed to the polls for the 6th District Congressional Primary.

Incumbent Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte is running for re-election. His challenger is retired U.S. Air Force pilot Henry Griego.

Election organizers told us voter turnout in Roanoke is low. Organizers point to the fact that there's been three primaries in nearly a three month span which could deter voters from coming back to vote.

There are about 3,071 registered voters in the Raleigh Court Precinct. When we checked in this afternoon only 84 people voted.

"People come and vote in the presidential elections every four years, but they never vote any other time," said Jane Smith, the chief officer of elections. "The other elections, especially a local election that's going to have the people that represent you locally, they're going to impact your life far more."

People we spoke to talked about the importance of voting.

"Thank God we live in a nation where we can vote, make decisions and maybe help influence the people running for office," said voter Mike Cary.

The polls are open until 7p.m. Tuesday.