Homes damaged from storm in Covington

ALLEGHENY COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Downed power lines and trees are still a problem after Thursday night's storm in Covington.

The hardest hit area is a neighborhood along White Oak Drive where people saw substantial damage to their homes.

Homeowners say it's the worst damage seen there since the derecho.


Heavy winds and pouring rains knocked a tree uphill, through the corner of the roof of the Staunton family home. Kit Staunton says they were not home at the time.

"The rains just came all of a sudden. We had to stop the car. We couldn't even see two feet in front of us," Staunton said.

"It started raining really hard, pieces of limbs were flying around," neighbor Martha Nicholson said.

The tree was completely uprooted and almost snapped in half.

"We got here and found out one had clipped the corner of our garage and the side of our pickup truck," Staunton said.

Luckily the family's vehicle wasn't in the driveway at the time, or the damage could have been much worse.

The Staunton's are just one of many families dealing with the cleanup today.


"We have two or three houses up who had a tree fall on their house while they were eating dinner. It fell on their back porch and destroyed part of it just after re-doing it," Staunton said.

The Nicholsons hid in their basement during the storm.

"We came back upstairs and our first words at the top of the stairs were ‘oh no' because we saw this through our kitchen window," Nicholson said.

Dominion Power crews worked through the day Friday to fix any damaged power lines and restore electricity back to homes.

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