Salvation Army Captains reflect on time serving the Roanoke Valley

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - After two years in Roanoke, Salvation Army Captains Bill and Terrie McKinley received their orders from headquarters to move.

The husband and wife are heading east to the Tidewater area to run a Salvation Army-owned recreation center.

I sat down with them to talk about their leadership in Roanoke.

Terrie recalls their first Angel Tree season, when a printing error left 600 angels without gifts the night before hand out.

"At the last minute there was a restaurant in town that did a pool tournament and just out of the blue we knew nothing about it, roll in with all of these fabulous toys and kind of saved the day and I still think about that probably once a day," Terrie explained.

The generosity of this community is something they'll never forget.


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