Archaeology comes to an end at Greenfield, construction imminent

BOTETOURT COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Archaeologists hired by the group Friends of the Greenfield Preston Plantation were required to vacate the county property where over the past two weeks, they've discovered hundreds of historical artifacts.

The land is set to be developed next month to be the site of a new 100,000 square foot building.

The group has been fighting to preserve the historic hill since last fall, but they were excited that the county gave them the opportunity to excavate before construction begins.

The group pulled nails, buttons, gun flints, and plate shards out of the ground, all dating to the mid-1700's.

Now the hill sits empty, waiting for construction crews to level the area down about 20 feet.

County Administrator Gary Larrowe met with the Roanoke Regional Partnership Friday to go over plans.

"We will be deeding that property over here shortly, and then we're actually looking for grading to start taking place the first of July," said Larrowe.

Larrowe says the building will offer a company space bigger than most in the state, but says they're still looking for a taker at this time.

"This is a shell building and we do not have someone in our back pocket today for this building, however we really don't have any product like this building and this is being built really to the demand of the market," said Larrowe.

The Friends of the Greenfield Preston Plantation say it will likely take about a year to analyze all of the artifacts they uncovered.