VA "mompreneurs" behind new baby changing invention

WRIC – CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — Tracy Stonestreet is often on the go with her six-month-old daughter and toddler son, and she never quite knows what they will find.

"I have come across so many bathrooms without surfaces, not even a counter to change them on, and changing them on the floor is really gross," Tracy says.

It is why a new hammock that hangs over stall doors is answering her cries for help and those of moms and dads everywhere. Baby Change-N-Go was invented by Richmond "mompreneurs" Brenda and Mahnaz Moosa.  They were fed up with finding filth while changing their twin sons where so many other parents do too.

"They don't clean up after themselves as often as they should, so there are bacteria, viruses, E coli., all kinds of things that could make your baby sick," explains Brenda.

"Their hands are grabbing at things and the surfaces are dirty," Mahnaz adds.  "This way, they're grabbing at a clean surface that we have, that we own, and I'm not worried about it."

Brenda and Mahnaz sat on the idea and early designs doodled on the back of an envelope from October 2014 until March 2015, when they read this facebook post by actor and new dad Ashton Kutcher calling for changing stations in men's restrooms.

For months, they worked on safety testing with hazard, human behavior and child development experts.

Several prototypes later, Brenda now says they now have their design just right.  "I feel safe to put both of my boys in there."

Moms like Tracy are thankful their vision is now a reality.

"It's really nice to have something that fits in your bag that you can take with you that you have control over," she says with a smile.

Baby Change N Go is being produced by a Kickstarter campaign going on through June 30.