Prospective military academy students get the proper send off

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ROANOKE (WSLS10) - On Saturday, people attended a local picnic which gave young people the opportunity to talk to graduates of military schools like West Point and The Naval Academy.

The goal of the picnic was to give the prospective students the proper sendoff, if they get accepted to those service academies.

This is the 10th year for the Send Off Picnic which is held at Nancy Dye's home.

Dye said the reason she started hosting the picnic is because she has family members in the military, and wanted to help others get ready for transitioning into military life.

"It's very encouraging we have just wonderful young people at a our service academies, very patriotic, very serious about their love for the country and willing to be a apart of something larger than themselves so it's really an honor to get to know them over the years," Dye said.

Graduates of West Point and The Naval Academy were also at the picnic to share their experience to potential future students.

They said it's nice to come back and see the upcoming prospects.

"It feels unreal to have graduated still cant even believe it, it feels good, I came here four years ago right before I left so it's full circle to see the new guys go off in July," Molly Wharton who graduated West Point said.

Some prospects said they want to attend these schools because it's a great segway toward serving our country.

"I would like to be able to serve my country and enjoy all the great experiences,"Banner Plumb, a prospect for the The Naval Academy.

According to the US News and World Report, West Point accepts 9.5% of it's applicants while The Naval Academy accepts 7.9%.

Other schools in that range include Brown University and Princeton University