Christiansburg approves first storm water fee

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CHRISTIANSBURG (WSLS 10) The Christiansburg Town Council approved the first ever storm water fee earlier this week.

The fee will go towards projects to address stream water pollution and flooding.

People will see $6 on their utility bill starting in August.

Town workers said over a year it should generate about $1,000,000 for storm water projects.

Some projects would address flooding, while others would tackle stream water pollution.

Town workers say rain or melted snow that doesn't soak in the ground, picks up pollution, like leaves or pet waste, which makes it into the streams.

"The money spent will be addressing water quality issues and existing flooding issues in the town," John Burke, the town's Environmental Program Manager said.

Part of the money would go toward reducing erosion in a stream that leads to crab creek at depot park near the Christiansburg Aquatic Center.

The idea is to add vegetation and it would look similar a restoration project in the Oak Tree Subdivision.