Covington homeowners clean up the chaos following Thursday's flooding

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COVINGTON (WSLS 10) - Waterlogged, many Covington homeowners are busy bailing water out from their basements.

"It's halfway finished, but it's stuff that can be replaced," said Ray Keen. "You know there's people out here who've lost way more than I have."

Thursday night, Keen's home in the Callaghan area was completely surrounded by water.  A group of his friends helped  pump the floodwater out of his basement.

"We're trying to get some of this mud out and do some mopping up," said Keen.

Julie Lawson lives along South Royal Avenue in downtown Covington.  She said she has been busy salvaging what she can after her home was under four feet of water.

"In 1985 it was a total loss and now, it is again," said Lawson

Lawson told us when she left her home to find safety Thursday night, the water was nearly up to her waist. In the process of getting out quickly, not everything made it out.

"I have have seven indoor cats," Lawson said. "We got all of them but three. I lost one that I had adopted and it was a kitten."

Despite the damage, neighbors are trying to stay positive as this is just day one of cleaning up.

We're told the flooding was so severe the Alleghany County Administrator had to call the Roanoke-Salem Regional Hazmat Response Team for help. The crew arrived early this morning. Team members are evaluating the damage and working to eliminate threats like overturned fuel and propane tanks.

The Alleghany County Administrator said he is hoping to help those in need of assistance. To find out more information, can visit: http://www.alleghanycounty.us/co_administrator/.