West Virginia church helping flood victims recover

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS W.V.(WSLS10) - West Virginia was one of the hardest hit areas impacted by last week's storm.

People who live in White Sulphur Springs are cleaning up the debris Mother Nature left behind.

The damage is so bad in one area, a road which was once two lanes, is now one because part of the road washed away during the flood.

One group in the area is offering hope to those recovering from the storm.

"I was just overwhelmed," Hershal Harvey, who lives in alone said.

Harvey said he lived in his home for 43 years and he has never seen the water get inside his home.

"I've seen it come up before, but not like this, nothing like this," Harvey said.

He said the water destroyed some furniture but he's glad to have assistance from Bethesda Church volunteers to help clean up the mess.

"Blessed, blessed there are people who are less fortunate, he (Harvey) was just saying he felt like giving up," one volunteer said.

The pastor at Bethesda Church, Chad Dingess said he canceled church Sunday so he and his congregation can serve the community during this time.

Dingess said he has dozens of people from the church helping by cooking meals or loading trucks with water or Gatorade to be distributed.

He said the goal, provide hope for the community.

"I just hope they can see what we're trying to do, that there's hope, we can rebuild, we can get on our feet, that the people of West Virginia are resilient people," Chad Dingess, Pastor of Bethesda Church said.

Dingess says his church will be open for the entire week or until supplies run out.