Henry Co. first responders receive tactical medical response training

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HENRY COUNTY (WSLS 10) - First responders in Henry County are learning how to provide medical treatment in hostile situations.

"Normal, civilian EMS has a certain way that they do assessments and treatments and their medical protocols. We teach them faster ways," said one of the K-9 Line Medical Training Group instructors. He did not want his name used.

One scenario first responders went through Tuesday involved the possibility of a gunman inside a building and a person in a bathroom in the building who had been shot in the face and needed immediate medical attention.

"If we just help them save one life, it's worthwhile to us to come out and do this type of training for them," the instructor said.

Tuesday was the second day of in-the-field training for the first responders, but before the scenarios began Tuesday the first responders had to warm up.

They worked in teams and practiced running as fast as they could to assist someone who is critically injured so that the person can be transported away from the threat.

"It's definitely a very intense class, but the intensity is needed," said Martinsville Fire Chief Ted Anderson.

Anderson is participating in the class and said one of the biggest benefits is learning how to work together with first responders from different agencies.

"When we train in between shifts and also in between localities, we basically begin to share the same brain," Anderson said. "So, you don't even have to talk; you understand what the other person is doing."

The first responders will now spend a couple of days in a classroom discussing what they learned.

Anyone interested in the training can call the Henry County Department of Public Safety at 276-634-4660.

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