Kaine on Clinton Vice President short list

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Jim Osman, Media General – WASHINGTON (WSLS 10) - Hillary Clinton has a short list for her VP, or at least what her campaign has leaked to reporters.

The list includes Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

"I was vetted in 2008, never thought it would happen. I feel the same way now. I love being in the Senate. I hope to be here for a very long time," said Kaine. "I'm going to do all I can to help Hillary Clinton win Virginia."

Kaine was said to have been Pres. Obama's second choice for VP in 2008.

A former mayor, governor and currently a senator, Kaine brings a treasure trove of experience and could help in an important swing state Virginia.

When asked if he had been vetted for VP this go around, "I'm not going to engage in speculation about that. You are not going to get me to comment period, sorry," replied Brown.

Joe Biden demurred before then Senator Obama chose him as his running mate. They all do it when they're asked. Appear too eager and it may be a turn off. And there's always the chance Clinton's team leaked a list but left out a name or two, people who are also being vetted, say former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley for example.