Averett University's trees undergoing inspection

DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - Averett University is trying to figure out how to best preserve the trees around campus after a large part of one fell on an employee's car in June outside the campus's main hall.

On Tuesday, the university's grounds manager met with an arborist to examine the trees around the main hall.

"We're inspecting the trees here at Averett to check the overall health of the trees that are remaining," explained Grounds Manager Jason Ferrell. "We don't want any more incidents where a tree falls unexpectedly."

The tree that damaged the employee's car was inspected after the limb fell in June and was found to have a disease and some rotting, so it was cut down.

As a result, the university doesn't want to take any chances with the trees they have left.

"The trees that are here have both historical implications and functional implications. They've been at the college for a very long time and they provide a great atmosphere for our students," Ferrell said.

The university will now review the arborist's recommendations and decide what to do next.