Criminal Justice expert weighs in Baton Rouge shooting

CHRISTIANSBURG (WSLS 10) - One issue protesters have with the police killing of an African American man in Baton Rouge are the officers' body cameras.

According to police, the body camera footage may not be as good as investigators hoped for because the cameras fell off during the scuffle.

Radford University professor and former Maryland police officer, Dr. Tod Burke said while body cameras are a useful tool to hold police accountable, they are not the only tool in an investigation.

"It's not going to tell us everything," Burke said. "Similar to when we're watching a sporting event and we see an event recorded in slow motion and we watch it over, over, over, again and we still can't make the call. So imagine a police officer in split-second making that call."

Burke also said police departments will have another agency investigate to make sure officers followed proper protocol.