Secrets to extreme couponing

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Laura Hutchinson, News 8 Anchor – TORRINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Lots of people will use a coupon here and there to save a little money but some people have figured out how to make couponing work for them, even getting things for free!

Torrington's Missie Morris is one of them. She's a self-described "crazy coupon chick" who has figured out how to save on just about anything and panics when she doesn't have a coupon.

"Now I'm like terrified I'm going to run out of Q-Tips and will have to buy something at full price. They're like 4 dollars," she said.

Morris has built up a huge inventory in her basement. She collects items in excess to help others in need or donate to charity but we learned some secrets to help you stretch your dollar just a little further.

The secret to her success?

"You have to get your Sunday papers because you need to have coupons," she said.

Not just one, she says you'll stretch your dollar the furthest when you buy 3 or 4 papers. You get those and then go to her for the deals. She spends time sifting through all the coupons, clipping them and posting on her website which deals are the best.

"I'm telling you exactly what's on sale, what coupons to use, how many things to buy, what you're going to pay, what you're getting back."

Another secret, she says, is not all coupons should be used the week it comes out. It pays sometimes more to hang onto them and wait for another coupon or the item to go on sale. Morris has built up a bigger stash than most families need but it doesn't stop her from growing it to help others.

"If it's free and I have the coupon for it, I'm going to get it. It then ends up over here in my donation pile," Morris added.

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