Bedford County Sheriff's Office flags hang half-staff for 'family' in Dallas

BEDFORD (WSLS 10) - The flags at the Bedford County Sheriff's Office hang at half-staff. Law enforcement across the nation are mourning the loss of five of their own, we spoke to Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown about his deputies ties to Dallas and why this tragedy hits so close to home.

Sheriff Brown told us his deputies have a personal connection with some of the officers in Dallas. Brown said his office has been in communication with law enforcement in Dallas since the horrific shooting.

Sheriff Brown's been wearing the badge for over 50 years. He's sad to see friends in blue hurting in Dallas after the deadly shooting.

Brown said almost every year some of his internet crimes against children investigators train and work closely with law enforcement in Dallas. Now, the departments are grieving together.

"I came in this morning and you could see the solemn look on everyone's face," said Brown. "Law enforcement is a family. It's a family just like you and the people in broadcast, you're a family. And when something happens to one of you, it happens to all of you. It's the same here. It's no different."

As a result of the shooting, deputies are brushing up on training and what to do in the case of an attack.

Brown said he is waiting to hear if he will attend the funeral in Dallas for the fallen officers representing the National Sheriff's Association.

Sheriff Brown adds his office will continue to send thoughts, prayers and help if needed to officers in Dallas.