Coffee shop offers lower prices to polite customers

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - As the cost of coffee goes up in some places, customers at one coffee shop in Roanoke are seeing prices drop - depending on their manners.

The nicer you are, the less you pay for coffee at Cups Coffee & Tea in Grandin. A sign outside the store reads a small cup will cost $4 if you ask for "one small cup." However, if you say "please" the price drops to $3. If you go a step further and engage in polite conversation, such as "hello, can I have a small cup please?", the price will go down to $1.75.

Workers said it started as a joke but turned into a good message.

"Now the more important part is just be polite," said Matthew Grim, Cups employee. "With so much senseless violence in the past month, it doesn't matter who it is, your local barista, your neighbor or police officer, just be nice to them."

Baristas said the sign has only been up a few days, but they've already gotten positive feedback from customers.