Lynchburg museum sees more people thanks to Pokémon Go

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LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - Workers at The Lynchburg Museum System said they started to see an influx of people on Sunday because of Pokémon Go.

Museum workers said since then, about 125 people have come to the museum to play the game and have later come inside to look at the exhibits.

They said the game has helped them reach a younger audience.

"I feel this app has really helped us here in Lynchburg at the museum," said Whitney Roberts, an educator at the Lynchburg Museum System, "to garner a new demographic of visitors and maybe they'll tell their friends, tell their families, and maybe bring them back later to visit."

Last fiscal year, museum workers said they saw about 21,000 visitors and they're hopeful they'll see even more this year because of Pokémon Go.