Roanoke County community walk aims to clean up Williamson Road

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ROANOKE COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Roanoke County leaders and community members walk to create a safer, more active community.

The Williamson Road Area Business Association and the Virginia Department of Transportation as well as county leaders and police officers marched more than a mile along Williamson Road Thursday afternoon.

The group worked to identify where more lighting, street signs, and sidewalks are needed.  The WRABA hopes to clean up the road to attract developers and businesses.

"We're going to reclaim it,' said Wendy Jones, executive director of WRABA. "We're going to make it strong again. The next step in making it strong and going to my next goal which is high-end retail stores clamoring for a spot on this road, would be to get the improvements and get the reasons for the people to come here."

Several walks like this have been held in the city, however, this was the first for the county.