Fire Leaves Nelson County Family Homeless

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NBC29 StaffNELSON COUNTY, Va. (NBC29) - A Nelson County family is now homeless after a fire destroyed their house and everything inside it.

The Mays family says Wednesday’s fire was started by a lightning strike during an afternoon storm.

The family has lived in their home in Faber for generations. Grandmother Debbie Mays grew up in there, then shared it with her husband after they married, and until the fire, her daughter's family and grandchildren.

“Been here most all our lives, you know. Been here about 40 years, 35-40 years,” said homeowner Wayne Mays,

The Mays wants to rebuild, but that will be difficult: the home was not covered by fire insurance, and most of their possessions are under a pile of charred rubble.

They are still missing a cat and a brown Chihuahua. The family believes the pets escaped when the fire started and still may be in the neighborhood.

Some neighbors have checked in on the family, even offering them temporary shelter

“They've been just as good to us as we could have ever asked for in the ten years we've lived here,” said neighbor Gene Varnadoe.

“They're just loving, loving people, and they really do need help,” Anne Iverson said.

gofundme page has been set up to help the Mays family.