Rebuilding Hope home build kicks off

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APPOMATTOX COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Friday marked the beginning of the build as WSLS 10, God's Pit Crew and Spirit FM work together to build a new home for Nancy Harris.

Harris lost both her husband and her home in February's tornado.

For the past month, the three groups have been working together to raise money for the build.

On Friday, the project kicked off with some pounding and a prayer.

Dozens of volunteers were on hand to help.

Nancy Harris saw a glimpse of what will soon be her home, but God's Pit Crew founder Randy Johnson said she's not allowed to see the house again until it's finished.

Harris said she could hardly sleep last night and pulling up Friday morning made this experience real.

"I told Christy [my daughter] 'Oh isn't that great, there's my home. They've already started on it,' because I was just so excited when I got up this morning," said Nancy.

For Johnson, he's just as excited to begin construction.

"I was driving one of the tractor-trailers up this morning and I was looking in the mirror and there's this big long line of trucks behind me with material and with supplies on them and I'm thinking the last two or three months this is the day we worked for," said Randy Johnson.

So many people have made this project happen from local churches to businesses.

"A real blessing to see how the whole community has come together and his given towards this project whether it be building materials that people have donated, people that are out here in 95° heat working or folks who gave a monetary donation," continued Johnson.

"To me it's just a blessing, God has blessed me so that all of these people here. You know, the love that's poured out. This has helped me through so much. You know, God is good," said Harris.

She compared Friday kickoff to Christmas.

Volunteers plan to be out from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. for the next two weeks building Harris' new home.

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