So far, so good this summer for DPD's Street Crime Unit

DANVILLE (WSLS10) - Saturday's homicide in Danville is the first since the police department's Street Crime Unit was reactivated back in May.

So Monday, we checked in with the police department to see what the department thinks this says about the unit.

The department believes that it is so far so good for the unit and that Saturday's homicide doesn't mean that the street crimes unit is becoming ineffective or losing control of streets by any means.

Around 9:15 Saturday morning, 38 year old Solomon Jones was shot and killed along White St. near the intersection of White St. and Swanson St.

The Street Crime Unit was reactived to full force on May 6th after a month of multiple homicides and multiple other shootings.

Since then, it has been relatively quite in Danville.

Danville Police Department Lt. Mike Wallace says while that isn't necessarily a direct result of the street crimes unit, the unit is having a positive impact.

"We've had several operations with the state police, the ATF. We've made some arrests and things like that," Lt. Wallace explained. "I think the Street Crimes Unit's doing well."

He said he didn't know if the Street Crime Unit was on shift Saturday morning, but he emphasized that even when the unit is working there is no guarantee that someone won't get shot and killed.

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