Political analyst Ed Lynch shares expectations for the remainder of RNC

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - John Carlin sat down with WSLS 10 Political Analyst Ed Lynch to discuss how the Republican National Convention is going so far.

Carlin: Yesterday there was a "Never Trump" call for a roll call vote, which failed. Do you think there will be a resurgence? Or is there something else in the rules that could prevent him from becoming the nominee?

Lynch: I don't think there's any way of stopping Trump now. There wasn't any way yesterday. The effort to force a roll call vote was doomed from the start and never should have been brought up. The real question going forward is, if it's going to last. Are they going to work for him? Are they going to sit on their hands? It's not a rules or a legal question, he becomes the nominee tonight with no question.

Carlin: What can be done to unify the party?

Lynch: I think that the selection of Mike Pence was a move in that direction. He's a traditional Republican, very conservative and a good choice I think for Donald Trump. He will reassure the conservatives that Trump is on their side and will not frighten some of Trump's supporters who don't want anyone from Washington. It's a move in that direction as Trump has brought a lot of traditional voters in and the Republican party structured, down to the precinct level. That's something he's going to need.

Carlin: "Making America work again" Do you think it's a good theme? Will it stick with Republicans and voters in general?

Lynch: I think it will. It's not as powerful theme as it might have been in other years, when the country was in a deeper recession. We have a record number out of the work force and that has to do with people's perception. I don't think it will be the main theme, I think that will be law and order and security. But economic issues, kitchen table issues, those are always important.

Carlin: We have two more of Donald Trump's children speaking tonight after the problem with the speech last night. Do you think they will be careful tonight with the words that his kids deliver?

Lynch: I think so. I think they're probably reviewing their speeches, but there's something that is much more important with these two children giving a speech tonight. One of the things you try to do is introduce your candidate and your party, and find the winning formula. For Republicans, the winning formula goes back to Ronald Reagan. What set him apart was optimism. What we'll hear from the Trump children tonight is an optimistic view of what this country could be in the future.

Carlin: So Trump becomes the nominee tonight. In listening to the speeches so far, what do you think the crowd's reaction has been to Trump as the candidate so far? Has it been lackluster or pretty good?

Lynch: Trump is a more controversial candidate. We came closer to seeing a contested convention, something we haven't seen for 40 years in the Republican party. So there are going to be more delegates than usual who are not enthused about Trump. It's Trump's job to bring them onboard. It's the anti-Trump that stopped Trump forces that realized, they're not going to stop him. They have to unite behind Trump. It seems like the crowd is sitting on their hands a little bit, we'll see.