Halifax County youth preparing for their futures

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SOUTH BOSTON (WSLS 10) - Some Halifax County kids are trying to become better prepared to get jobs and support themselves financially in the future.

Friday was Youth Entrepreneur Day at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center in South Boston.

The kids were required to dress up and conducted mock interviews with local companies.

They also talked to representatives from Wells Fargo about the importance of having a financial plan.

The purpose of today's event, man, is to get them prepared for the real world," explained Lenzy Terry, the event's organizer and founder of Victorious Ambition.

The goal of Victorious Ambition is to help prepare young people to get jobs and become independent.

"If we teach them now, teach them young, teach them early," Terry continued, "then they'll be ready when they get out there."

Fifteen-year-old Ali Ferrell was one of the roughly two dozen kids who participated in the event.

"It's important because if you don't pay attention life can just sneak up on you and your time will run out and you won't be able to do anything about it," Ferrell said.

Kids also had the chance to win prizes including calculators and back packs.

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